12 Biggest NFL Draft Busts Of All Time

Last night, after months of speculation and intrigue, the 2012 NFL Draft finally got underway. And though there were a few surprise swaps just before things got underway, the top 2 picks went exactly as forecasted: Stanford’s Andrew Luck went to the Colts at #1, and Baylor’s Robert Griffin III went to the Redskins at #2.

But while these two QBs seem like slam dunks, history tells us that there really is no such thing. Guys like Joe Montana and Tom Brady were drafted 82nd and 199th respectively, while losers like Akili “Who?” Smith went in the top 5.

Today, in honor of this year’s draftees—a number of whom are bound to be disappointments—we present to you the 12 Biggest NFL Draft Busts of All Time.

Check it out, and let us know if we missed any big ones.

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