This Chick Wants To Sleep With Mr. Irrelevant (Video)

woman wants to sleep with mr. irrelevantTo myself and 99.99% of the world’s population, “Mr. Irrelevant” is exactly what his name says he is.  Irrelevant!

But for one seemingly lonely woman from New York City, the 2012 NFL Draft’s “Mr. Irrelevant” is the only man that matters.

Brianne released the following video, which describes exactly what she has in store for the young man whose name is called out as the 253rd – and final – pick of the 2012 NFL Draft on Saturday.  And while everyone taken before him will likely be celebrating the important day with their family and friends, Mr. Irrelevant could be celebrating with a wild woman that wants to make their night “anything but irrelevant.”

Suddenly, it seems like the man who gets drafted with the 252nd overall pick on Saturday will be the real “Mr. Irrelevant.”

Here is a look at Brianne’s indecent proposal for the final pick of this year’s NFL Draft.

Hat Tip – [Lost Lettermen]

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