Watch LeBron James Flop On A Moving Screen By Tyson Chandler (Video)

lebron james flopMuch like playoff hockey, playoff basketball is also characterized by a tougher style of play than what we are accustomed to seeing during the regular season.  Just don’t tell that to LeBron James, who may have still been in regular-season-mode when he was leveled by a moving pick from the New York Knicks’ Tyson Chandler during Game One of their Eastern Conference Quarterfinal Series on Saturday.

With less than two minutes remaining in the second quarter, LeBron James flopped, rolled, winced and squealed his was around the court after receiving an unexpected shot in tha back from Chandler.  And while replays didn’t make the moving screen appear as violent as LeBron’s antics may have suggested, his act was enough to persuade the officials to call a flagrant foul on the play.

That pretty much summed up the Knicks’ day, as nothing went their way during Miami’s 100-67 blowout victory.  And while LeBron’s physical game may have still been in regular-season-mode, the rest of his game looked to be in playoff-mode, as he led the way with 32 points in 32 minutes played.

Here is a look at yet another epic flop to add to the Heat’s collection of them.

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