15 Best NBA Championship Rings

Last week we brought you a list of the best Stanley Cup championship rings, and the week before that we brought you a list of the best World Series championship rings. But why stop there? With the 2012 NBA Playoffs getting underway this week, there’s no better time to bring you a list of the 15 Best NBA Championship Rings.

Now, of the three leagues we’ve covered so far, the list of NBA Championship rings has the least variety when it comes to teams. That has mostly to do with the fact that two teams (the Celtics and Lakers) have won 51% of all championships. And of course another two teams (the Bulls and Spurs) have won another 15%, which leaves only 34% of the NBA Championships for the rest of the teams. Moreover, there are as many teams that have won multiple championships as there are teams that have won just once (9).

So you see, with the NBA, you just don’t get the variety that you get with other sports. But that’s okay. The rings are still pretty good. Probably not as good as the World Series or Stanley Cup rings we’ve seen, but we’ll leave that assessment for another day. For now, let’s get down to business.

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