Big Papi Homer Sends The Ball And Josh Reddick Into The Red Sox Bullpen (Video)

josh reddick falls into bullpenEntering last night, David Ortiz hadn’t been hitting much out of the park, as he had just four homers in his first 21 games of the 2012 MLB season.

During last night’s game against the Oakland A’s, he seemed to be sending everything out of the ballpark, as he hit two homers off Tommy Milone, and one of those just so happened to carry A’s outfielder Josh Reddick over the right field wall as well.

After searching for an exit out of the Red Sox bullpen, Reddick was eventually able to scale the fence and return to the playing field, but unfortunately, he wasn’t able to bring the ball with him, as Big Papi’s blast landed just beyond his outstretched arm.  And for those of you who may still be wondering, had Reddick come up with that ball, it would have been called an out, according to Section 6.05(a) of the Official Baseball Rules.

Check it out.

Hat Tip – [Big League Stew]

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