15 Hottest NHL Ice Girl Crews

UPDATE: Global warming might be destroying the planet but it’s also having some underrated benefits, as NHL Ice Girl squads have continued to get hotter and hotter over the past few years. As proof, I’m adding a couple of bonus exhibits, so you can see how the lay of the land has changed since 2012. And if things ever get so bad that NHL Ice Girls are no longer attractive, you know it’s time to move into a cabin in the woods and never speak to anyone.

You know what I love about hockey? It’s not a pretentious sport. You don’t see too many guys taking dives to draw penalties; when you do, they’re disdained (right, Canucks?). And as far as I know, there’s not a single player in the NHL who’s changed his name to Metta World Peace, Ochocinco, or some other nonsense. So yeah, hockey is a blue-collar, hard-nosed kind of sport. And that even goes for the cheerleaders.

What’s that? Oh yeah, there are cheerleaders in the NHL. Only they don’t just get to stand around looking pretty. Even they have to do something useful. To earn their keep, these women clean all the snow off the ice during TV time-outs. That’s why they are more often referred to as “Ice Girls” rather than cheerleaders.

Today I’m celebrating hockey’s blue-collar cheerleaders with this list of the hottest Ice Girl squads in the NHL.

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