Kate Upton Doing The Cat Daddy In A Skimpy Bikini Is Too Sexy Not To Show You (Video & GIFs)

kate upton cat daddy

The retina-friendly Kate Upton posts continue to pour in, as the SI Swimsuit cover girl is making heads turn once again following her incredibly sexy demonstration of the Cat Daddy dance in what may very well be the world’s skimpiest bikini.

So just how sexy was this gyrating performance put on display by Kate Upton?  Sexy enough for YouTube to ban it due to “nudity and sexual content,” however, it appears as though they have reversed that ruling, as it is back up on Terry TV.  Whether it stays up is anyone’s guess, but we won’t take that chance.  Instead, we bring you Kate Upton’s sexy Cat Daddy demonstration via the reliable Vimeo and a couple of GIFs…because when it comes to something as sexy as this, there is no way we would want to tease you with a video that isn’t working.

kate upton cat daddy 1

kate upton cat daddy 2

Hat Tip to Barstool Sports for the GIFs.

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