21 Hilarious Soccer Dives (GIFs)

I love soccer. Always have. That’s why I wish the old European dudes who oversee the world’s most popular sport would make it easier for me to defend “the beautiful game” to the haters here in North America by coming down hard on dives.

You see, it’s hard to make a case for the game when you have grown men flopping around all over the pitch like imbeciles. Someone gets within five feet of them, and they immediately collapse, grab their ankle, face, or both, and start rolling around in pretend agony. Then the idiot referee walks over and pulls out a yellow card—and nothing even happened. So you see my conundrum. How am I supposed to convince someone who loves American football that soccer isn’t for sissies when this kind of stuff is going on?

Still, I will say one thing for soccer’s great floppers: it’s really fun to hate them. Plus, they do make me laugh. And I’m willing to bet they’ll make you laugh, too. So here are 21 hilarious animated GIFs featuring some of the greatest soccer flops you’ll ever see.

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