David Takes On Goliath At Minute Maid Park (Video)

Jose AltuveA battle of David vs. Goliath unfolded on the field at Minute Maid Park Tuesday night during a game between the New York Mets and the Houston Astros, as the tallest man in the Majors faced off against the shortest.

With the Astros leading 6-3 in the bottom of the eighth inning, 5’5″ Jose Altuve stepped into the batter’s box to take on the Mets’ 6’11” reliever, Jon Rauch.  The much larger Rauch owned an 18-inch height advantage in this match-up, and he made the most of it, as Goliath would win this battle after Altuve hit a soft line-drive into the glove of first baseman Ike Davis.

You can watch baseball’s version of David vs. Goliath in the video below.

Hat Tip – [MLB.com]


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