Eli Manning Helps Out Little Brothers During SNL Skit (Video)

eli manning snlBeing the younger brother of Peyton Manning hasn’t been easy for New York Giants starting quarterback Eli Manning.  Despite leading his team to two Super Bowl titles and winning two Super Bowl MVP awards, Eli is still regarded as only the second-best Manning brother, and chances are that will never change no matter how many titles and awards he wins.

Manning isn’t the only male in America who has had to endure the hardships of having an older brother.  And after living through those difficult times over the past 31 years of his life, he has decided to help younger brothers everywhere fight back, as he talked about his duties as an ambassador to the Little Brothers Program on Saturday Night Live.

Got an older brother that you think deserves to be locked in the trunk of a car, or have his head dunked in a toilet?  Eli Manning can help.

Check it out.

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