The 21 Goofiest Hats At The 2012 Kentucky Derby

Every year on the first Saturday of May, millions of people who otherwise have no interest in horse racing suddenly become captivated by so-called “most exciting two minutes in sports”—the Kentucky Derby. This past Saturday’s event, won by I’ll Have Another, was the 138th “Run for the Roses,” and it was certainly huge pop culture event.

So what’s the big deal about the Kentucky Derby?

Well, some would say that people are enamored with all the history and pageantry of Churchill Downs. And this is probably true. A lot of people probably do love the romance and charm of the Kentucky Derby, with its seersucker suits and straw hats. But personally, I think the main answer is actually a little simpler than that. I think most people just love an excuse to drink in the afternoon and wear silly hats. In this sense, the Kentucky Derby is really just St. Patrick’s Day with jockeys and mint juleps instead of leprechauns and Guinness.

Today, in honor of the most famous horse race in the world (or so we assume here in North America), let’s take a look at the goofiest hats spotted over the weekend in Louisville, Kentucky. Some are trying to be classy; others are just trying to be seen. But regardless, they’re all pretty hilarious.