Two Minor League Outfielders Go Over The Wall To Make The Catch (Video)

two outfielders over wallLast week, Josh Reddick of the Oakland A’s showed some heart and determination in the outfield by leaping over the wall and landing in the Red Sox bullpen while attempting to take a home run away from David Ortiz.  Unfortunately for him, he would come up empty handed.  And now he is being shown up by the outfielders of Corpus Christi’s Double-A team, who didn’t just do him one better.  They did him two better, as  Austin Wates was able to make the incredible catch and save the home run, while taking one of his teammates over the outfield wall with him as well.

Although this impressive grab robbed the San Antonio Missions of one run, they would score six more, en route to the 6-0 victory over Corpus Christi.  But seeing as how this is Double-A ball, we aren’t interested in the outcome of the game.  Instead, the only thing that interests us from this Minor League match-up was the impressive catch that sent two Hooks players over the outfield wall and into the highlight reel.

Check it out.

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