Footballer Zokora Metes Out Justice One Crotch-Kick At A Time (Video)

Can we talk Turkish soccer for a minute?


During a match back in April, Emre (love these one-word names), a player for Trabzonspor, a Turkish club, lobbed a racial epithet at Didier Zokora, a footballer for Fenerbahce, another Turkish league team. Emre was suspended for two games for the offense, but Zakora apparently didn’t feel that justice had been served, so he took matters into his own hands during their rematch on Sunday.

Zakora made it clear he didn’t intend to bury the hatchet when he held his arm behind his back, refusing to shake hands with Emre before the game started. While that’s a powerful gesture, it hardly makes for a newsworthy story.

Following his refusal to shake hands, Zakora employed a more blunt method of conveying his dissatisfaction with Emre, this time by kicking him squarely in the balls just before halftime. Zakora was hit with a yellow card, which I’m sure he was fine with, while Emre lay writhing on the ground, his testicle probably resembling slider hamburger patties.

And that’s why we continue to preach tolerance. So we don’t get kicked in the genitals by angry footballers from the Ivory Coast.

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