Morgan Freeman Returns As The Voice Of Visa’s Olympic Promos (Video)

It’s not clear what the existing arrangement is between soothing baritone Morgan Freeman and the Olympic marketing committee, but the English-speaking world would just like to assume, as long as there are Olympics, and as long as there is Morgan Freeman, that Freeman will narrate Visa’s Olympic promotional ads.

Frankly, Freeman could read from a Chinese delivery menu and capture an audience, so when his voice is laid over the high-stakes drama that is the 2012 London Summer Games, odds are he’ll garner our focus like so many laser beams. The first spot was released on Monday and…goosebumps. It’s called “The Difference,” and you should watch it if you want to be reminded of why the Olympics are amazing.

Freeman narrated similar spots for the 2008 Olympics that made everyone feel warm and fuzzy about being both an American and a global citizen, with people falling so much in love with them that message boards and Facebook pages were created all to pay tribute to the narrator of a commercial. You can’t buy that kind of goodwill from the public.

It’s a good thing Freeman signed on again, the credit card company was going to go with either Fran Drescher or Christopher Walken.


Hat Tip – [Yahoo!]

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