One-Armed Little Leaguer Coleman Shannon Throws A No-HItter (Video)

Don’t talk to Coleman Shannon about adversity. And don’t talk to him about pitching, either, because at the age of 14, the Johnsonville, FL teen has probably forgotten more about baseball than most will ever know. On May 1st, Shannon managed a no-hitter for his Little League team, despite being born with a condition known as Amelia, where his right arm stopped growing at the elbow.

Refusing to let his disability deter him from pursuing his goals, Shannon would often hide the prosthetic arm that his parents asked him to wear, until they eventually gave up on asking. In addition to pitching no-hitters on the diamond, the ace also hunts and plays guitar.

Of course, comparisons will be made to California Angels star pitcher Jim Abbott, who was also one-handed and pitched a no-hitter against the Cleveland Indians in 1993. However, Abbott didn’t appear to be as handy with a bat as Coleman Shannon is, who utilize his shorter arm as leverage in his swing and is by most accounts, one of the better hitters on his team.

Coleman’s mother Jessica sums up her son saying, “It really is amazing the number of people out there that can do things with ease and choose not to,” Jessica Shannon told SCNow. “With Coleman, it’s a determination and something that he strives to do. It’s a feeling that to a parent, you really can’t describe it.”

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