Padres Fan Catches Baseball With Beer and then Drinks It (Video)

Let’s say you’re preordained to catch a foul ball at a pro baseball game. Would you rather catch it as it bounces off a seat or catch it in your beer?

Trick question. You barehand that bastard on the fly. However, all are acceptable so long as you don’t catch it in a baseball glove. Taking your glove to the ball park is a luxury that only children under 12 can enjoy. Ok. Old men over 80 can do it too, ’cause it’s kind of adorable.

This Padres fan opted for choice “B” – catch it with his beer. It’s hard to tell if he caught it mid-air, or if rattled around the seats and landed in his drink, but that’s not the most important aspect of this video. The big takeaway here is the man pounding his beer with the baseball still in it. Far more athletic and impressive than actually catching a foul ball.

The announcer sums it up more eloquently in four words than I can in 200:

“That is so awesome.”

Yup. Pretty much. Great. Now I want a beer with a baseball floating in it. Does anyone know a bar that serves those?

Hat Tip – [Hot Clicks]

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