Rob Dyrdek Hits Girl in the Face Twice with Dodgeball (Video)

The video you’re about to see is a year old. But it’s new to me, so maybe it’s new to you. And anyway, it’s awesome.

Here’s the background: pro skateboarder Rob Dyrdek has his own show on MTV in which he basically just does really fun and sometimes extreme stuff in this big warehouse type complex. It’s called Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. You’ve probably seen it, or at least heard of it.

Well, in Season 4, Episode 4, Dyrdek and his crew decide to put together the world’s greatest dodgeball team. Obviously they turn to the various people they have hanging out and/or working at the Fantasy Factory—including the secretary/rapper, Chanel West Coast, who just happens to be 23 years old, blonde, and pretty.

Have you put together what happens yet?

If you guessed “Chanel gets hit in the face with a dodgeball!” you’d be correct. In fact, she gets hit not once, but twice. This is bad enough, but afterward Dyrdek makes it worse by opening his dumb mouth (at about the 1:04 mark).

Here’s the video:

Now, I may not be an expert with the ladies, but here’s one thing I know for sure: never tell an attractive young woman that her face is a magnet for balls. It’s a simple rule. Just common sense, really. But no one ever said Rob Dyrdek had common sense.

Oh, and here’s a nice remix of the balls-to-face incidents, just for good measure:

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