22 Weird (And Funny) Baseball GIFs

I love baseball, but I’ll be the first to admit that, when you think about it, it’s a pretty weird game. For starters, there’s no clock, so the game moves about as fast as the pitcher and manager want it to. Which can be pretty slow. And, unlike most pro sports, but very much like golf, you don’t necessarily have to be in good physical shape to play baseball. In fact, about half of baseball players are ingesting harmful carcinogens (i.e., chewing tobacco) while they play. Plus, have you ever noticed that baseball uniforms include belts? What’s up with that?

But there’s an upside to baseball’s quirks: they sometimes lead to some pretty funny moments. And that’s what we celebrate today. I mean, what other sport can offer fans the spectacle of two players jousting like medieval knights during a rain delay? (Answer: none.) So sit back and check out these funny GIFs of weird crap that could only happen in baseball. You won’t regret it.