6-Year-Old Makes Amazing Unassisted Triple Play (Video)

6-year-old makes unassisted triple playEveryone knows that a triple play is better than a double play, and that an unassisted triple play is better than a regular triple play. But do you know what’s better than an unassisted triple play?

How about an unassisted triple play made by a made by a 6-year-old?

From what we can tell from this video, there are runners on second and third (and who knows, maybe first, too—the camera doesn’t show that). The batter hits a shallow pop-up and the base runners take off. However, the ball is caught by the short stop, who then steps on third base and tags the runner coming over from second. Boom! Unassisted triple play.

Check it out for yourself:

Now, if you’re wondering what the big deal is, there are two things you should know.

First, we haven’t seen an unassisted triple play in the Major Leagues since Eric Bruntlet did it with the Phillies back in 2009.

Second, and more importantly, have you ever watched 6-year-olds play baseball? Half the time the batters run to third base after hitting the ball, and most fielders wear their gloves on their heads while they pick dandelions or kick rocks. Single outs are usually tough to come by, let alone unassisted triple plays. So you can bet this kid got an extra scoop on his ice cream cone after the game.

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