Amare Stoudemire Left Shane Battier Hanging Last Night (Video)

stoudemire burns shane battier game 5 playoffs knicks heatLast week, New York Knicks forward Amare Stoudemire made headlines when he took his pent-up basketball frustration out on a poor defenseless fire extinguisher, punching the case with his fist and shattering the glass.

Today he’s making headlines because of the poor sportsmanship he showed to Shane Battier in the final minutes of last night’s playoff game between the Heat and Knicks in Miami.

With 4:48 remaining in the game, Stoudemire got the ball and tried to drive hard to the basket. Unfortunately, Battier got to the lane first, so Stoudemire just plowed right through him, earning his sixth foul of the night and a seat on the bench for the remainder of the contest.

And this is where is gets amusing. Immediately after the foul, Amare walks over to Battier and offers him his hand, like he’s going to help him up. Typical sportsmanlike gesture, nbd. But then Amare reconsiders, and he decides, nah, forget it. So he retracts his outstretched hand, turns his back, and walks away.

Here’s the video:

Pretty lame move from Stoudemire, right? But I’m sure Shane Battier doesn’t care. Thanks to the victory last night, he and the Miami Heat will be playing in Round 2 while Soudemire and the Knicks are clearing out their lockers at Madison Square Garden.

Hat Tip – [Larry Brown Sports]

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