Did Chicago Cubs Ball Girl Give Her Number To A Fan? (Video)

cubs ball girl gives number to fanInternet baseball nerds have been in a bit of a flutter in recent days over this video. A camera man for the Chicago Cubs’ AT&T U-verse broadcast spied this rather attractive ball girl for the Chicago Cubs write something on a piece of paper, then hand it to a security guard.

Now, normally this little incident would never have seen the light of day, because producers usually prefer to focus on the action taking place on the field rather than the action taking place near the visitor’s bullpen. But Cubs fans who have AT&T’s U-verse TV service have access to a cool little feature called Chicago Cubs Multiview. It’s an interactive TV app that allows the fan at home to choose from four different camera angles during broadcasts of Cubs home games. So when one of the camera men got bored with the game and zoomed in on this lovely young woman, the fans at home got to see the whole thing.

Here’s what they saw:

Of course, there’s no telling what she wrote on that slip of paper or who she gave it to. But Cubs broadcaster Bob Brenly quickly jumped to the conclusion that said ball girl was writing her number to give to a fan, or maybe even a player. Because, you know, that was the only plausible explanation.

Thankfully, ESPN reporter Sarah Spain wasn’t goign to let the woman’s reputation go down the drain without a fight. She did a little digging and confirmed that the ball girl was not giving her number to anyone. She was responding to a fan who had asked her for her number—and she said “Thx but no thx.”

Here’s to hoping the poor girl didn’t have a boyfriend.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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