Vladimir Putin Scores Game-Winning Goal In Russian Exhibition Match (Video)

What a country! When tasked with leading not only a country, but a team of amateur hockey players against a squad of former Russian pros known as the “Legends of Russia,” Russian president Vladimir Putin was able to knock in the game-winning goal, defeating communism winning the game.

While the winning goal (in a shootout!) wasn’t ridiculously staged, it’s a safe bet that Putin didn’t get lucky, and his winning the game wasn’t a coincidence. If it was, then I’m having a hard time believing that goalie was ever a pro. He moved as slowly as Ed Belfour on a wraparound in NHLPA ’93 for Sega Genesis. That is to say, not very fast at all.

In the pantheon of “letting the boss get the glory” moments, this one doesn’t rank too high, but it certainly makes the list. If Putin really wants to get all in-your-face with things, he should try taking a few pages out of the Montgomery Burns playbook. Putin moved slowly down the ice, but he could have moved even more slowly and deked less if he really wanted to rub it in.

This play occurred the same day as Putin was inaugurated back into office as Russian president. All in all, a banner day for Vlad. I bet he slept like a baby that night. So much excitement!

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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