9 Terrifying Cases Of Athletes Who Were Attacked By Animals

Top athletes often have to overcome obstacles and endure hardships to succeed. That, of course, is why we often find them so inspirational. But it’s one thing to have to overcome disease, heartbreak, car crashes, or some other horrible thing that regular people experience every day. It’s quite another to have to overcome out-of-the-blue attacks from vicious animals. I mean, you just don’t expect to get attacked by a rabid fox while you’re out for a jog, you know?

Nevertheless, I’ve recently discovered that there are a surprising number of athletes that have been attacked by animals while doing their thing. And the stories are pretty terrifying. Bears, sharks, alligators, antelopes—there are some athletes out there who’ve had to endure the wrath of some pretty wild creatures.

Now, some of these stories end up just being close calls; others are, unfortunately, quite tragic. Either way, the next time you get back from a run or finish a round of golf unscathed, you’ll probably be a little more appreciative.

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