Check Out This 8-Year-Old’s Ankle-Breaking Killer Crossover (Video)

8-year-old basketball player killer crossover ankle-breakerWe’ve seen a lot of awesome killer crossovers over the years. Sometimes they’re so good, we call them “ankle-breakers” because the defenders trip all over themselves just trying to keep up—falling down like they just broke an ankle.

Still, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a killer crossover quite like the one you’re about to see. That’s because the basketball player employing the sweet moves here is just 8 years old.

Here, just see for yourself:

This kid’s name is Jalen—named after Jalen Rose, perhaps?—and he plays in the pee wee division of the Philippine Basketball Association of Chicago (which apparently is a real thing). This play occurred during the championship game on May 6. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you who won the game—believe it or not, they don’t typically report pee wee basketball scores on ESPN. But I’m going to go ahead and assume Jalen’s team probably won.

In any case, you can bet now that this video is spreading around the net, there are a lot of high school basketball coaches in Chicago that will be keeping an eye on him…and praying that he grows to be at least six feet tall. (Unfortunately, Filipinos aren’t known for being a particularly tall people.)

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