Kate Upton Demonstrates Her Patience WIth 2 MLB TV Hosts Dancing Like Morons (Video)

One of the downsides of being as hot as Kate Upton is (and there aren’t many) is that everyone wants to impress you, no matter how stupid their act. Which is why it’s important to put on your happy face (though in Kate’s case, it’s more of a “Hide my rage and boredom face”) while whoever is trying to impress you is going through the motions.

And this one couldn’t have been easy. She’s on hand for the MLB 2K12 Perfect Game Challenge (whatever that is) and she finds herself having to deal with two guys named RIcky and Ricardo who act like, in 20 years, they might be mature enough to be drive time DJ’s.

I don’t know why this video exists. Wait. That’s not true. It exists because Kate Upton is in it. And if you put your hands on your computer screen in just the right place, you can pretend like it’s just Kate Upton, sitting there while a bad song plays.

If you leave your hands down, you’re “treated” to two guys that look like Jonah Hill and Reggie Watts impersonators, pulling off their clothes to reveal sports bras and terrible bodies. Even Kate has a hard time looking like she doesn’t want to leave as soon as possible.

Hat Tip – [MLB.com]

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