Dammit, High Priestess, You Had One Job!: The Olympic Flame Goes Out (Video)

If the Olympic flame represents the spirit of competition, than the Olympics are gonna sorta suck this year, because the Olympic flame was extinguished mere moments after it went out. Someone known as a high priestess was in charge of holding the flame in some sort of bowl during what I can only assume was a pagan witch ceremony held at Stonehenge.

I don’t know what kind of job security high priestesses are normally afforded during the quadrennial torch-lighting ceremony, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Olympic officials decided to take things in a different direction for the 2016 Games. This chick clearly doesn’t have her house in order.

Had an EKG been hooked up to the HP, I think we would have seen some very troubling metrics that ended with her bordering on a heart attack as she approached the fire bowl to relight the other fire bowl which would be used to like a torch that would be carried over 70 days from Athens to London, where it would like a much bigger torch on the night of the Opening Ceremonies.

It sounds kind of weird and cultish when it’s put like that, doesn’t it?

Hat Tip – [Gawker]

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