The Lingerie Football League Had A (Possibly Fake) Throwdown Between Coaches (Video)

While this video contains lots of profanity and two coaches going after each other like rabid dogs, for me, the most surprising takeaway from this video was that the Lingerie Football League has an all-star game. Called the “All Fantasy Game.” Who selects the players? Is there fan voting done by slightly pervy dudes who are WAY too into this novelty sport? Is the coaches or sportswriters? Maybe a board of Lingerie Football League elders that meets semi-annually at a temple in the Himalayas?

Anyway, one coach goes after another (Do the team affiliations really matter here?) for getting a little too competitive during an all-star game. Without irony, the coach then proceeds to attack the other guy, until the two are pulled apart by a gaggle of Lingerie Football League players.

I have no reason to believe that this altercation was staged, but I still think it was. I simply can’t believe that any coach would get that passionate about Lingerie Football League games or players. It ranks well below Little League in my list of “things to get fired up about.” Unless that guy was dating a player. But one look at him, and it’s pretty clear that he probably isn’t.

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]

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