Another Dirty Hit at the IIHF World Championships (Video)

Anssi Salmela  dirty hit on goligoski at hockey world championshipsThe Stanley Cup Playoffs got off to a violent start this year, with dirty hit after dirty hit grabbing the headlines. And apparently, all this aggression has spilled over into hockey’s version of the NIT—IIHF World Championships.

First there was the dirty hit on Kazakhstan’s Roman Starchenko by France’s Sacha Treille. (Yes, France has a national hockey team, and they are hilarious.)

Now there’s this dangerously dirty hit on the USA’s Alex Goligoski by Finaland’s Anssi Salmela, which came with about 15 minutes remaining in the USA’s 5-0 blowout of Finland, in the penultimate game of round robin play.

Goligoski is headed behind the net to get the puck, and Salmela figures, hey, we’re losing, so I might as well try to kill this guy. So he gives Goligoski a friendly little crosscheck from behind that sends him face-first into the boards.

Watch for yourself, and note the reaction from the two guys calling the game:

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Remarkably, Goligoski was able to walk away from the hit seemingly unscathed. In fact, the guy didn’t even miss a shift.

Salmela, on the other hand, was given a 5 minutes major and a game misconduct, which of course highlights the difference between the NHL and the World Championships—in the NHL it would have been a 2 minute boarding minor.

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