Is This The Worst Ceremonial First Pitch Ever? (Video)

jessica jung terrible first pitch

Everyone knows a ceremonial first pitch is usually just an excuse for a team to show off for its fans (“hey, look, we know famous people!”). But unless it’s a cute kid, a dude with no arms, or a T-Rex, we still want to see the person doing the honors actually get it in the general vicinity of the plate. I mean, George W. Bush took a lot of flak during his Presidency, but even the most liberal baseball fans would probably rather have him throw out the first pitch than President Obama. (Bush never could find WMDs or Osama Bin Laden, but the man could fire a strike.)

And that brings us to Korean-American pop star Jessica Jung. She’s a member of popular South Korean pop girl group Girls’ Generation, and would have been a contender for our list of the hottest women to throw out a ceremonial first pitch. But when the LG Twins of the Korea Baseball Championship brought her in to throw out the first pitch at a game against their rival Samsung Lions, it was just embarrassing. And not just because she used a hot pink glove covered in fuzz, but because the ball bounces approximately one foot in front of her.

Here’s the video:

I think we have a candidate for “worst ceremonial first pitch ever,” don’t you?

Hat Tip – [Bob’s Blitz]

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