Serena Williams Debut Rap Song Leaked (Video)

I think it would be a more newsworthy story if we found out that Serena Williams DIDN’T have a rap song lost in teh archives somewhere, but since it was recently found, we might as well share it with the world and offer a critique using Total Pro Sports’ laser-sharp musical acumen. Serena Williams has long been on the edge of the entertainment industry, having hobknobbed with hip-hoppers and even carried on a relationship with sleazy, sweaty director Brett Ratner, but now she’s made the leap from outsider to sort-of-insider with this leaked portion of a hip-hop song.

Sports Illustrated wrote, in regards to the song, “…quite frankly, it’s not bad.” That’s why Sports Illustrated is a sports magazine and not a music magazine. The song is terrible. I realize the hypocrisy in claiming that a sports site has no grounds or basis to offer a critique of music, then offering up my critique through a sports site, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

The “beat” of the song seems to be an air raid siren going off at alarmingly frequent intervals, and it sounds like Serena just tossed her vocals atop a 2001 Missy Elliott throwaway beat. Maybe I’m being needlessly harsh, but every second she’s honing her bad rap career is a moment that she’s not using her gifts as a tennis player, so I feel as though I’m in the right to be a little miffed. Here it is. Caveat emptor.

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Hat Tip – [Sports Illustrated]

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