USHL Hockey Goalie Makes Wicked Bare-Handed Save (Video)

ushl goalie makes bare-handed save copyYou don’t hear an awful lot about the United States Hockey League, or USHL. It doesn’t attract the top young (ages 15-20) hockey talent, so it doesn’t get as much attention from hockey media and scouts as Canadian junior leagues like the WHL, QMJHL, and OHL. However, it is the top junior hockey league in the country…if you don’t count the fact that three Ontario Hockey League teams are located in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

But you know what? I have a feeling the poor little USHL is about to get it’s day in the sun, thanks to a young man named Stephon Williams.

Williams is a goaltender for the Waterloo (Iowa) Blackhawks. Last Monday, during a playoff game against the Lincoln (Nebraska) Stars, Williams literally got deked out of his equipment (specifically, his glove) by the Stars’ Kevin Roy, who had the puck all alone in front of the net. So you’d think it would be an easy goal. But you’d be wrong.

Roy tried to roof the puck, but Williams just reached out and made the save with his bare hand.

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God I love hockey players. Could you ever imagine prissy whiners like Cristiano Ronaldo or A-Rod doing something this badass? (Answer: no, you could not imagine that.)

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]

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