Coming Soon (Maybe): The Bikini Hockey League

Hold the phone. We just got some great news.

You know that Lingerie Football League-shaped hole in your heart that’s been empty ever since the LFL announced it was going on hiatus this year? Well, it’s gonna get filled…by the Bikini Hockey League.

No, really. Bikini Hockey. But don’t compare it to Lingerie Football. It’s totally different, according to BHL founder Cary Eskridge.

“I don’t like to be compared to [the Lingerie Football League], really,” explains the Tulsa, Oklahoma, native. “It’s a totally, completely different sport. I don’t want to say anything negative, I just think this will be more compelling and engaging.”

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Bikini hockey? Won’t the girls be cold?” But they thought of that. So this is going to be a roller bikini hockey league. (Coincidentally, it’s a lot cheaper to rent roller rinks than ice rinks.)

Anyway, unlike the LFL, which was a pay-per-view “sport,” the BHL is supposed to be a reality TV show in which all the girls live in one big mansion. And that mansion will be located in Tulsa, a traditional hotbed of bikini hockey.

“We have several different networks that are interested already,” says Eskridge—the key word being “already,” which means we’re not as close to seeing bikini hockey as his press release would suggest. “We’re not able to say who right now, but we feel like this could truly be compelling and interesting. There’s always a storyline with girls being from different areas of the country and the different personalities.”

You know what storyline I’d like to see? Paulina Gretzky.

If this Eskridge guy hasn’t contacted the Great One’s twitpic-happy 21-year-old daughter and offered her a ton of cash to join the cast of this reality TV league, then this thing doesn’t even deserve to get off the ground. Because that’s probably the only thing that would get me to watch it.

Well, that and all the other chicks in bikinis hanging out in hot tubs and playing hockey.

Hat Tip – [Inquisitr]

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