Female Jockey Chantal Sutherland Bares All for Vanity Fair (Photo)

Chantal Sutherland sexy female jockey nude on horseback

Some people call Chantal Sutherland “the Danica Patrickof horse racing.”It’s a pretty stupid comparison, seeing as how Sutherland is 6 years older than Patrick, has been racing a lot longer, and is a hell of a lot more successful. I mean, Chantal Sutherland has almost 1,000 career victories, $45 million in winnings, and is the first women ever to ride for the $10 million Dubai World Cup—the richest pot in horse racing. Such comparison’s only give Danica Patrick top billing because she happens to compete in a more popular sport…on this continent, anyway.But hey, they’re both hot, and both compete in male-dominated racing sports. So I guess there’s that.And speaking of being hot, if you’d like to see more of Chantal Sutherland, you can find her nude and on top of a horse in this month’s issue of Vanity Fair. It looks a little something like this:

This isn’t the first time Sutherland has received attention because of her good looks. Back in 2008, People magazine called her one of the world’s most beautiful people, and last year she appeared in 5 episodes of Luck—you know, that HBO drama about horse racing that got cancelled because the horses kept dying.

This is, however, the first time the super sexy Sutherland has been photographed by Bo Derek.

Seriously, Bo Derek was the photographer for this Vanity Fair spread. Weird, right?

Hat Tip – [Vanity Fair]

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