Golf Ball-Shagging Dog Does Exactly What The Name Would Lead You To Believe (Video)

Because who really wears slippers any more? 

A man that we only know goes by the YouTube handle “RyHillz” has a very special best friend. His pet turns his backyard into a full-service driving range by chasing down and returning every ball hit out into the woods from the dude’s back porch.

Note: the video claims the dog is a “golden doodle,” which would be a mix of golden retriever and poodle, but I’ve never seen a black one, so I’m going to assume that people on YouTube are dumb, and that this dog is actually a black labradoodle. I could be wrong, but it’s my policy never to always bet the under on the intelligence of YouTube denizens.

I think “RyHillz” said it best as the sole commenter on his OWN YouTube video:


You got that right, completely objective third party!

While the dog’s talent is a tremendous asset, I don’t see the harm in maybe teaching him some manners about not running through golfers’ legs while they’re teeing up. That kind of behavior will get you tossed out of Augusta so fast your head will spin. TRUST ME.

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Hat Tip – [Reddit]

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