Israeli Soccer Team’s Trick Play Catches Goalie Off-Guard (Video)

Those Israelis, always strategizing.

Here we see a trick play on a free kick that actually doesn’t seem to confuse too many people but the opposing goalie, but I suppose if you can kick over the wall to begin with, that’s really the only person you need to confuse. The play starts with the kicker (we’ll call him “Baldy,” on account of his baldness) lining up to take the kick, only to get into some sort of low-key dispute with one of his teammates. After lining up to take the kick, he walks away to forcibly move his teammate to another position.

While all eyes follow Baldy to see what exactly is going on, another player that had just been hanging back takes a quick step and kicks the ball over the wall of players and past a slow-to-react goalkeeper. It stil requires some talent on the kicking party’s end, as a slow keeper can still get to the ball in time, and there’s always the possibility that you’ll must miss the goal either wide, high, or into the wall, but all in all it’s a crafty little play.

Albeit one that teams will probably be hip to in the future.

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Hat Tip – [Reddit]

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