The 15 Worst Championship Rings Of All Time

Over the last month or so I’ve looked at a lot of really amazing championship rings. And while it’s been fun looking at the best the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB have to offer, I’m ready for something different. So today I’m doing a list of the 15 worst championship rings of all time.

Now, you’ll notice that the rings on this list are all from the big four North American sports leagues, and the reason for this is simple. We didn’t include rings from other leagues is because (A) nobody would care and (B) there would almost certainly be too many bad rings to choose from. Maybe one day we’ll do a list of awesome and/or awful championship rings from the Arena Football League or the WNBA, but for now we’ll pass.

Anyway, with further ado, let’s look at some really stupid championship rings.

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