This Lacrosse Brawl Is Epic (Video)

lacrosse brawlCanadians sure do love sports brawls. Hockey games, baseball games, lacrosse games—whatever the sport, if it’s played in Canada, there’ll be a brawl sooner or later. I blame it on all the free healthcare. If they had to pay for the stitches out of their own pocket, it would be a different story. (I should know. Ever since I moved to Canada from the States, I get in fights all the time. Cause why not, right?)

Anyway, I know we’re not supposed to condone violence. But if, hypothetically, you are the type of person who enjoys a good sports brawl from time to time, you’re going to love this.

Over the weekend in Nanaimo, British Columbia, just outside Vancouver, a truly epic brawl broke out between the Nanaimo Timbermen and the Coquitlam Adanacs of the British Columbia Intermediate A Lacrosse League. It starts when a Nanaimo player crosschecks a Coquitlam player in the back of the head. A dog pile forms at the site of the offence, then breaks up into 5 one-on-one fights. This goes on for almost a minute, and would have been epic in itself. But then it really hits the fan.

Something pisses off one of the players on the Nanaimo bench, he jumps into the fray, and pretty soon every member of both teams is on the floor throwing punches.

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It’s just wild, isn’t’ it?

And you want to know the crazy thing? The British Columbia Intermediate A Lacrosse League is for kids between the ages of 16 and 18. Kids!

Crazy Canucks.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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