My Eyes! It’s The Barkely-Shaq Shirt-Off We’ve Been Dreading (Video)

If you need any more definitive proof that Inside the NBA has take a turn for the dumber since signing up Shaq, we’re here to help with this video of a “shirt-off” between Shaq and the Chuckster, Charles Barkley. Apparently TNT didn’t think the NBA was entertaining enough come playoff time, so we’re looking at the disrobed torsos of two retired athletes that were never exactly in prime physical condition at the best of times.

Who wins? Not the audience, that’s for damn sure. It looks like Shaq did a little airbrushing to give the illusion of a six-pack, whereas Barkley just seems to embrace the fact that his body looks like it was piped out of a pastry bag, even after Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers, or whatever he’s been promoting during the playoffs.

I would treat this video like a tanning bed. That is, make sure your eyes are protected and don’t overdo it. Frankly, once is too many times.

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Hat Tip (or blame in this instance) – [The Big Lead]

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