Baserunner Pulls Some Parkour-Like Moves In Walk-Off Steal (Video)

For our purposes (and because the video doesn’t specify), the team is unimportant, the locale is unimportant, and the players are unimportant. Let this video simply embody the spirit of sportsmanship and competition as the Greeks celebrated them.

(Again, we’re really sorry we don’t have more context for this video. Oh well.)

Walk off steals are rare. So rare that I don’t think I’d ever seen one. Also so rare that I think this baserunner may have had to cheat to successfully accomplish his. I know that you’re not allowed to run off the baselines to avoid a tag, but you are allowed to shimmy and whatnot. It looks like this mystery runner walks (runs) a fine line between the two, but since this wouldn’t be a newsworthy clip if he was called out, I stand by the ump’s decision.

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