Blue Jays’ Brett Lawrie Hit the Umpire With His Helmet Last Night (Video)

brett lawrie goes berserk on umpire throws helmetI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: umpires have a tough job. Players and fans alike demand nothing short of perfection from the men in blue, and that’s just not possible.

But it’s one thing to err—it is human, after all—and quite another to be an incompetent douche.

Last night in Toronto, in the bottom of the 9th, down 4-3 to the Rays with one on, one out, the Blue Jays’ rookie third baseman Brett Lawrie took a 3-1 pitch that was a foot off the plate. So he dropped his bat and started running to first base. But then home plate umpire Bill Miller inexplicably called the pitch a strike. At that point, Lawrie stopped cold in his tracks and paused for a moment in disbelief before walking back to the box.

Big fat rookie mistake, showing up the umpire like that. And Lawrie paid for it on the 3-2 pitch, which was obviously high and outside, but called strike 3 nonetheless.

At that point Lawrie flips his lid…literally. The hothead turned to Miller in disgust and slammed his batting helmet into the ground about a foot in front of him. It takes a high bounce and actually hits Miller in the leg, which was more than enough to get Lawrie ejected—it’s likely to get the 22-year-old suspended. Then Jays manager John Farrell came out to argue the play, and he too got ejected.

But it got weirder. After the final out of the game, as the umpiring crew was headed into the dugout, an agitated Blue Jays fan throw a half-full (I’m an optimist) cup of beer at Miller, hitting in the shoulder.

Watch the whole crazy scene unfold for yourself:

After the game, Lawrie apologized for hitting Miller with his helmet, but didn’t really apologize for the passion that led him to throw it in the first place. And why should he? The whole situation looks a lot worse for umpire Bill Miller. I’m sure he’s probably a nice, professional guy and all, but it sure looked like he called that 3-2 pitch a strike just to stick it to Lawrie. And if that’s the case, it’s a bush league thing to do.

Hat Tip – [Larry Brown Sports]

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