Boxer Nick Casal Hit In Head With Golf Club…15 Times and Almost Dies

BoxerNick Casal was scheduled to fight on ESPN2 next month. In light of this weekend’s events, it doesn’t look like boxer Nick Casal will be fighting on ESPN2 next month.After he got a call from his girlfriend to pick her up at an unfamiliar address at 5 AM, Nick Casal was probably very suspicious. That instinct would prove to be right as he picked her up and was confronted by an angry man wielding a golf club, who would later be identified as Nick’s girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend.

The ex came after Nick with both rage and a golf club, clocking him in the head to the point that he needed 300 stitches and staples to treat the wounds he suffered. Fortunately, there was no brain damage incurred. Nick’s father, Ray, said his son was struck in the head more than 15 times with the golf club.

Amazingly, an arrest hasn’t been made yet. Let’s wish Nick a speedy recovery and his attacker a long jail sentence.

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]

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