Here’s An Up Close Look At The NY Giants Super Bowl Ring (Pics)

Why it’s…it’s…kind tasteful! Who the hell greenlit this design? I thought Super Bowl rings were supposed to be fourteen different colors and have neon and strobe lights on them. Oh well.

An earlier representation of the ring was made available by Steve Weatherford, the punter for the Giants, who tweeted a pic of the ring on Eli Manning’s hand. This most recent pic also appears to match the ring that was in a Clint Sintim tweet a few months back.

The Super Bowl championship ring reportedly has 1.36 carats of ice and 1.11 carats of sapphires, all on a 30 mm white gold ring. Ok, so 30 mm isn’t THAT tasteful, but come on. These guys are huge. The ring has to look proportionate to their giant bodies.

Considering this was the Giants’ second Super Bowl win in five years, it appeared that ownership scaled back the design a little bit for this victory lap. The first ring was a little more iced out with 1.5 carats of diamonds, but didn’t have the sapphires. Take a look at the very classy “11 straight on the road” engraving.

Hat Tip – [The Victory Formation]

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