Fat 76ers Fan Distracts Kevin Garnett, Challenges Charles Barkley (Video)

fat 76ers fanIf you thought Charles Barkley’s showing during the NBA on TNT’s “Shirts Off Contest” was a frightening sight, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

During Game Three between the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers last night, one fan inside the Wells Fargo Center challenged Barkley to a Shirt’s Off Contest of his own, as he lifted his XXXXXL t-shirt and revealed his Pillsbury Doughboy physique on national television.

And while most couldn’t resist being distracted by the sight of this dude’s hypnotizing rolls of flab, one man who was unfazed by the fat man’s antics was Kevin Garnett, as he was somehow able to drain back-to-back free-throws, despite having to watch that enormous stomach jiggle around in the background.

Check it out.


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