Rays Fan Faceplants Onto Field While Reaching For Foul Ball (Video)

rays fan faceplantLittle has gone wrong for the Tampa Bay Rays’ players within the friendly confines of Tropicana Field this season (they are 14-3 at home thus far).  Unfortunately, the same can not be said for the Rays’ fans.

Earlier in the month we provided you with footage of the magical home run ball that bounced off the groin of one Rays fan and into the face of his female companion.  Last night we were treated to yet another lowlight from the Tropicana stands, as one fan seated along the third baseline was busy using his hands to snag a foul ball, leaving him with only his face to cushion his fall as he tumbled over the wall and face-planted into the dirt below.

Not only did the man get “egg on his face” after this embarrassing blooper, but it appears as though he got a bit of dirt on the yolk as well.

Hat Tip – [MLB.com]

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