Three Dead After Speeding Ferrari T-Bones Taxi In Singapore (Video)

ferrari crash singapore

When Cheng Teck Hock, a 52-year-old Singapore taxi driver, saw the stop light in front of him turn green on Saturday night, he did what every driver has been trained to do – proceed through the intersection.  Little did he know that his adherence to that simple rule would result in a frightening accident that would claim his life, as well as the lives of two others.

Footage of the incident, which was recorded from another taxi trailing a few meters behind, show a $1.4M Ferrari 599 GTO speeding through a red light and crashing hard into the side of Mr. Cheng’s taxi.  The driver of the Ferrari, who was identified as 31-year-old Chinese businessman Ma Chi, died at the scene of the accident, while Mr. Cheng and his passenger, 41-year-old Shigemi Ito of Japan, died hours later at the hospital.  The passenger in the Ferrari and a motorcyclist were also injured in the accident and remain hospitalized.

While the accident may be difficult for some to watch, it is a clear indication of why obeying the rules of the road is something that all drivers should comply with, whether they are driving a $1-million Ferrari or a $2,100 Tata Nano.  After all, no car is worth more than the life of a human, or in this case, the lives of three.

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