You Don’t Want To Mess With This 9-Year-Old Female Kickboxer (Video)

nine-year-old kickboxerIf you asked me whether or not I would fight a nine-year-old female, my answer would be a resounding “No!”

On most occasions, that answer would have more to do with the fact that it is just wrong to hit a female, and less to do with the fear of getting beat up by a little girl.  However, if someone asked me to fight this nine-year-old female kickboxer, my answer (which would still be a resounding “no”) would have EVERYTHING to do with the fear of getting my butt handed to me by a girl that is half my size and a quarter of my weight.

Don’t let her unimposing size fool you!  Although she may not be able to reach your head with one of those vicious kicks at first, I’m sure she would have no problem delivering a roundhouse to your temple after she has chopped you down to size via a couple of shots to the kneecap.

Hat Tip – [College Humor]

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