Los Angeles Still Hasn’t Quite Caught On To All That Hockey Hoopla (Video)

la news reportFollowing yesterday’s Game Three victory over the Phoenix Coyotes, the Los Angeles Kings now find themselves only one win away from reaching the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since Wayne Gretzky led them there in 1993.  Fans in cities like Toronto, New York, Philadelphia and Edmonton would probably tell you that their success is the result of a suffocating forecheck, some great shot-blocking by their defense, a sudden rise in scoring after plenty of offensive struggles throughout the regular season, and the consistently stellar play of goaltender Jonathan Quick.

As for the fans in Los Angeles, they still appear to be having trouble grasping the whole “puck instead of ball” thing (0:25 mark).

This Los Angeles new reporter was experiencing such problems during her post-game report last night.  I can only imagine that it will take her quite a while longer before she realizes that it is “Drew Doughty,” and not “Brad Doughty” (0:41 mark).

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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