Nike’s “My Time Is Now” Soccer Commercial Is Three Minutes Of Awesomeness (Video)

cristiano ronaldo nike footballSome of you may not like the game of soccer (or football, depending on which part of the world you are from), but if you give the following commercial from Nike titled, “My Time Is Now” a chance, it may be able to change your mind.

Sure, there are more than a few flopping wussies playing the game of soccer around the world, but there are also more than a few incredible athletes playing the game as well, and Nike seems to have successfully brought many of them together to create this action-packed commercial.  From the moment Holland defender Gregory van der Wiel takes the ball down off his chest and delivers a pass to teammate Wesley Sneijder, until the final second when Cristiano Ronaldo makes his fashionably late appearance, this commercial should keep you from blinking throughout the entire three minutes of must-see footy….

Heck!  Even LeBron James makes an appearance!

Needless to say, this comes just in time for the EURO 2012 tournament.  Thanks again Nike Football.

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