Michael Essien And Salomon Kalou Celebrate Chelsea’s Champions League Victory By Grinding With Hot Physio Girl (Video)

essien kalou grind evan carneiroThe last time we were talking about a Chelsea championship celebration, it came during the 2009 FA Cup final, as striker Didier Drogba decided to give the festivities a homosexual flavor by reaching down and grabbing the crotch of teammate Jose Bosingwa.

It appears as though the Chelsea players can’t stop themselves from incorporating these types of sexually suggestive gestures into their celebrations, as they were at it once again following their UEFA Champions League victory over Bayern Munich on Saturday.  However, this time the sexual gestures were of the heterosexual variety.

If you haven’t already checked out Chelsea’s physio therapist, Eva Carneiro, you should, because she is quite the looker.  Especially for someone who is responsible for looking after the groin injuries of an entire team of horny footballers.  Apparently, a few of those horny footballers have taken notice, as Michael Essien and Salomon Kalou decided to enjoy their big victory by engaging in some dance floor grinding with Eva.

Damn!  I haven’t seen the “sandwich” grinding maneuver used since high school!

For those interested in getting a better look at Eva Carneiro, the image below should help.

Eva Carneiro