11 Most Dominant Championship Runs in NBA History

We’re almost halfway through the 2012 NBA Playoffs, and so far the San Antonio Spurs have yet to lose a game. In fact, going back to the end of the regular season, they’ve won 18 straight. That’s what I call hot.

If the Spurs maintain their dominant play, they have a chance of joining some elite company. And I’m not just talking about winning a 5th Championship since 1999. I’m talking about winning a 5th championship in epically dominant fashion. No NBA team has ever swept the playoffs in winning a championship, only two teams have lost just one game, and only five teams have lost just two.

So if the Spurs stay this hot, they can make history in more ways than one. Of course, to do it they’ll have to dominate the OKC Thunder. They may not be a dynasty, but they’ve lost just 1 game so far.

In any case, today, let’s get excited for the Western Conference Finals by taking a look at the teams that have made the most impressive championship runs in the history of the NBA.

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